nascent (NAY-sent), adjective

Having just been born or invented and still in the early stages of growth and development.

Please excuse my long absence for I have lost sleep wondering which excuse would best suffice for not having written here in twelve days. Then I read an article reminding me that the best thing to do when you have writers block, or in my case, I just can’t sit block, is to write. Do it. Get it out. It sounds easy, which is why I started a blog.

After a tumultuous few weeks, I have felt myself creeping towards a nascent lifestyle. Suddenly, the things I want to accomplish are close at hand and it seems foolish to waste any more days wondering how I will reach my goals in writing. Instead (how obvious of me) I will simply write as I have before, but now I will be limitless. The story inside me will find its way out. All I have to do is sit down. Every day. Some days are bound to be junk. I will accept that as fate. I know it will be difficult for you to understand, and even more painful for me to admit, but I’m sorry, every word may not be gold.

Did the glass just shatter? Did I crush all your fantasies about my writing ability? I suppose not. I am not surprised by admitting it. Nevertheless, the process of getting words on the page without ensuring they are all the perfect will be my biggest challenge. To write without editing, but to save that for later is what I will work on now.

Since I have for once written in first person and perhaps a slightly more dry version of my usual posts, I will add this little bit at the end, which I wrote last Monday in Karen Terrey’s Tangled Roots Writing class. Enjoy.

What does Swiss cheese desire?

Swiss cheese wants the aching holes in its soul to be filled. Filled by hams and sausages, by curds and mayonnaise. Swiss cheese wants lettuce to hide its imperfections and it wants heat to melt it back together again. Swiss cheese wants Disney to stop using it when portraying any mouse in any cartoon ever again. It wants its privacy, its confidence back. Swiss cheese wants the world to accept that you may not get a full bite with every bite, but you will get a deliciously tender one. Swiss cheese wants you to know that it has the least amount of sodium than almost any other processed cheese. Why won’t you think of that when you order swiss cheese?

Case and point, writing can be about anything!


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