yahoo (YAH-hoo), noun

A boorish, uncultivated, common person.

If I were to invent a word, would I need nearly three hundred pages to explain it? Jonathan Swift would have preferred more, but his editor suggested he take out some of Gulliver’s dialogue to describe his Travels. Why didn’t the word Houyhnhnm become common speak in our modern day language? Is it because it is still true that the only beings who can actually pronouns the word are horses? I have been sitting alone at my desk trying to say it over and over again, and now I do indeed feel like a Yahoo. I need bigger lips and squared off teeth, a tongue that could lick my own nostrils and undoubtedly a long snout to properly push out every single letter that Jonathan Swift squeezed together. If that were so I would say it with ease, without thinking about the state of my own life, about what I lack, giving excuses as to why I can’t say a word that was invented some two hundred and eighty years ago. Perhaps it is my unwilling tongue, my overwrought brain that leaves me with simple thoughts about money and food, about what I must do today and about what I have not yet done. The daily chores drag me down, cause me pain and make me wish for an easy life…like that of a horse. Horses probably smile all day, if their lips would allow it. They live truthfully and because of that, happily. A horse cannot tell a lie. He doesn’t know how to nor do they even have the word for it. Without the word to explain something, does it even exist? Did yahoos exist before Jonathan Swift invented them? Of course they did, just as lies exist even when horses are around.


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