Teach I Say

(Published in The Kokanee Review, literary journal by Lake Tahoe Community College)

Welcome I say. Open your books I say. Paper and pen I say. Open your mind. Think. Learn. Analyze. Interpret. A book. A student. A deadline. A classroom. Why do we read I say. Why do we learn I say. Why are you here I say. Language. Existence. Life. Consciousness. Universal Truths! I say brace yourself. I say prepare yourself. I say unveil yourself. To the experience. To the expansion. To your inner depths. Your mind should bend I say. You’ll get better jobs I say. Nail an interview. Get a raise. Climb the ladder. CEO. Be your own boss. Make your own hours. Call the shots. Make the shots. Be the shot. Crush it. Own it. Live it. Intrigue it. Inspire. Motivate. Innovate. Be understood. I’ll be a doctor they say. A nurse they say. A message therapist. A physical therapist. A politician. A statistician. An engineer. I’ll save the world they say. Not without commas I say.  .  .  .  .  .  

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